As a ministry of Hillview Baptist Church, the daycare has a tremendous and exciting opportunity to reach our community for Jesus Christ, present His plan of salvation for everyone, and show His love daily as we care for children in our daycare. This brings a great responsibility to carry out our daily tasks in a way that brings glory to our Lord.

As a ministry of Hillview Baptist Church our purpose is to give each child what every child needs - love, guidance, understanding and diligent care in an atmosphere of Christian love. Many children in our care will spend more hours with us each day than they do with their parents at home. We have a wonderful opportunity to make their day great by giving them our best! We want to demonstrate the love of Christ in all we say and do every single day.

Along with the Hillview Faith Family, the Hillview Daycare Ministry is committed to being witnesses for Jesus Christ that make a difference in every life He puts in our care! We hope that your experience here with us will be exciting, joyful and eternally rewarding!

Hillview Baptist Church Daycare Ministry