4K to 5th grade students

Abeka reading employs phonics as the most logical, orderly way to introduce reading to children. Abeka readers are beautifully illustrated and imaginatively written. Selections are carefully chosen for interest, readability, theme, and values, with literacy concepts and questions throughout to guide students in comprehension of reading material and the development of critical thinking skills, including the application of valuable principles to their lives.

Abeka’s history provides a realistic view of time, government, geography, and economics based on eternal truths. Abeka's history courses present an inspiring portrayal of peoples, lands, regions, ideals, heroes, triumphs, and setbacks in light of the biblical principles that govern the natural course of history. This approach results in edifying history texts that give students a historical perspective and instills within them gratitude for God's hand in history and a desire to impact the future by fulfilling the Great Commission (Matthew 28: 19-20).

Abeka teaches that the laws of mathematics are a creation of God and thus absolute. Man's task is to search out and make use of the laws of the universe, both scientific and mathematical. Abeka covers a variety of branches of mathematics--arithmetic, geometry, algebra, etc. each year on an age-appropriate level. At the same time, they benefit from the spiral approach of revisiting and building upon the learning throughout each year and from one year to the next. This solid foundation of mathematical concepts and problem-solving skills, enhanced with a biblical worldview, intentionally and naturally results in lifelong application.
The Abeka science and health program presents the universe as the direct, orderly, law-abiding creation of God and refutes the man-made idea of evolution, Students are presented with plants, animals, rocks, elements, forces, the human body--and much more- according to an understanding of the design and laws of nature. Students are equipped to explore science from a biblical worldview while developing practical use of the scientific method and the application of critical thinking skills.

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Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW)

1st to 5th grade students

In order to succeed in every area of life, students must hone the skills needed to communicate confidently, and effectively. Through the process of learning to write well, students learn how to think clearly and express themselves eloquently and persuasively. IEW provides a structured, sequential methodology that builds on the principles of learning by imitation. The foundational syntax for cohesive writing, reading comprehension, vocabulary development, critical thinking skills, and English grammar are developed.

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Deep Roots

1st through 5th grade students

DeepRoots is dedicated to equipping students with a biblical worldview by helping them realize the truth of God's design for human beings. By studying worldview in conjunction with apologetics, students can grow more confident in Christ. It will equip your students with the tools and the training to stand firm in the face of today's cultural challenges. Practical activities and lessons teach students how to apply their faith to everyday living and help develop their core values.

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Mystery of History

4th and 5th grade students

The Mystery of History covers world history from creation to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The text spans the incredible stories of ancient times, ancient lands, and ancient peoples. Where most ancient studies encompass only Egypt, Greece, and Rome, The Mystery of History goes much farther. It includes chronologically based stories from all around the world including Asia, North America, and the Holy Lands, and weaves Bible history with world history.

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Sadlier Math

4th and 5th grade students

Sadlier Math is a comprehensive core math program that provides students with conceptual understanding and skill development. It strengthens students' metacognitive development and promotes learning with abundant real-world problem solving and applications related to STEAM through explicit instruction and modeling.

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